Toledo Resident Seeks Underinsured Motorist Coverage from Erie Insurance Company

On November 8, 2019, our client was traveling westbound on Central Avenue in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, when another driver traveling eastbound lost control of his vehicle and crossed over into westbound traffic. The at-fault driver struck the front driver’s side of our client’s car. Although our client was wearing a seatbelt, he sustained severe injuries.

Toledo Fire and Rescue transported him to Toledo hospital from the scene of the accident. Our client settled his injury claim with the reckless driver. However, his damages exceed the other driver’s policy limits. Subsequently, Charles E. Boyk Law Offices is pursuing a claim against Erie Insurance Company for underinsured coverage.

Seeking a Declaratory Judgement for Underinsured Coverage

Our client suffered severe and permanent injuries, including trauma to his head, neck, back, right knee, and right leg. He also sustained a catastrophic brain injury, which resulted in post-concussive syndrome. Furthermore, our client has experienced economic losses such as medical expenses and non-economic losses like pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

Given the severity of our client’s injuries and damages, it is crucial that he receive compensation to address all his current and future losses. Our lawyers are seeking a declaratory judgment from the court in favor of our client receiving underinsured motorist coverage through his policy with Erie Insurance Company.

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