Plaintiff Files a Claim Against Negligent Driver Disobeying Traffic Rules

While driving in Lucas County, Ohio, our client was struck by a negligent motorist who ignored a posted stop sign and unlawfully proceeded into an intersection. After striking the front driver-side door, our client’s car was damaged and our client sustained serious personal injuries to his head, back, neck and arm.

These injuries caused the plaintiff to incur extensive medical costs, creating economic hardship that was aggravated by  lost wages. In total, the plaintiff endured great pain, suffering, and mental anguish as a result of the defendant’s careless actions on the road.

Assessing Damages

The damage to the plaintiff’s car is only a small portion of the injuries sustained by the plaintiff in this case. As a direct and proximate result of the defendant’s negligence, plaintiff believes to have sustained permanent injuries that will require prolonged medical attention. He will continue to pay the costs for this care, as well as the cost of emotional distress and discomfort as a result of this event.

On behalf of our client, we are pursuing full compensation for all current and future injuries, as well as reimbursement for interest, costs, and fees associated with pursuing this claim.

Seeking Legal Counsel After a Car Crash

Navigating the fallout of a car crash is extremely difficult in the wake of such a traumatic event. The attorneys at Charles E. Boyk law offices are experienced, knowledgeable, and will help mitigate the stress and confusion that comes with the legal battle of car accident claims.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a life-altering car accident, our lawyers will help you evaluate the damages you may be entitled to. Call today to learn more.

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