Mother Injured in Truck Accident Sues

While a passenger in a vehicle traveling in Fulton County, Ohio, our client was involved in a dangerous truck accident. This accident was caused by the truck driver after he failed to yield the right-of-way.

The accident totaled the involved vehicle and pushed our client forward from her seat. The collision resulted in our client striking her head on the dashboard and windshield.

Injuries from this collision included a jarred left leg, severe facial lacerations, and injuries to her head, neck, left shoulder, and left knee. The injuries to our client’s face required surgical intervention to remove the glass from the shattered windshield. Unfortunately, the surgery left our client with permanent facial scarring.

Our client has had to pay substantial medical costs, has endured great pain and suffering, and was left unable to provide care for her child.

The experienced attorneys at Charles Boyk Law began working tirelessly with our client to develop a plan to help get her life back on track. We determined the best course of action was to pursue the following claims:

  • Negligence and negligence per se claims against the driver
  • Negligent entrustment claim against the truck driver’s company
  • Loss of consortium claim against the truck driver

This horrible accident left our client in pain and unable to be the mother her child needed. We hope this relief can provide some help to our client and her family after this tragic event.

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