Injured Truck Driver Sues for Damages Sustained in Parking Lot Accident

In late October of 2018, our client parked his tractor-trailer at the US Foods, Inc. Cincinnati Distribution Center in Hamilton County, Ohio. As our client prepared to rest in the sleeping compartment of his truck, a negligent driver pulled into the same parking lot and struck his vehicle.

As a direct result of the other driver’s negligence, our client sustained severe injuries to his neck and spine, for which he underwent surgery. In addition to this physical injury, our client has suffered significant mental anguish and emotional distress. Because our client believes his injuries are permanent, he expects to continue incurring financial losses due to long-term medical treatment and rehabilitative care.

At the time of the accident, the at-fault driver was an employee of US Foods, Inc., E&H Distributing LLC, and Trans-Porte, Inc. Thus, we are pursuing a case against the other motorist and his three employers for damages. Our client is demanding a trial by jury, so his fellow citizens can hear his claims and decide how much compensation he should be awarded for his current and future losses.

Multiple Causes of Action

In this case, there are multiple causes of action against the other driver and his employers. First, we are pursuing a negligence-based claim against the defendant driver for failing to exercise reasonable care while operating a motor vehicle

The second, third, and fourth causes of action are against US Foods, Inc., E&H Distributing LLC, and Trans-Porte, Inc., respectively. All three companies are implicated with vicarious liability, as the defendant driver was their employee. Employers are legally responsible for the negligent actions of their workers and the damages caused by those actions.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh causes of action are directed against the three companies for their negligence in hiring, instructing, training, supervising, and retaining their driver. These employers have a duty to exercise reasonable care when entrusting their vehicles to contractors and drivers. These four defendants’ negligent actions caused our client to suffer significant injuries, and we hope to hold them accountable with this lawsuit.

Consider Seeking Help from a Skilled Attorney

Any accident involving a large truck has the potential to cause severe damages for the parties involved. The size and weight of these vehicles make tractor-trailer accidents some of the most dangerous types of vehicle collisions. If you were in an accident similar to this one, you shouldn’t handle your case alone. Commercial trucking companies often have legal teams dedicated to handling these types of claims, so you will need a professional on your side. Reach out to Charles E. Boyk Law Offices today to discuss your case.

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