Injured Healthcare Worker Seeking Compensation For Injuries

Our client, an employee of Mercy Health – St. Charles Hospital, LLC in Toledo, Ohio, sustained a serious neck and head injury while assisting a coding patient on the job as a nurse in early March 2015. In late March 2015, our client informed her employer of her injury and filed a claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. In November 2018, our client filed another claim, this time asking that her additional injuries affecting her mouth and teeth be added to her workers’ compensation claim because they occurred as a result of the original injury.

Original Hearing and Employer’s Appeal

In December 2018, Mercy Health – St. Charles Hospital requested a hearing regarding our client’s request. The District Hearing Officer decided in our client’s favor and allowed the additional conditions to be added to her claim.

Unsatisfied with the outcome of the hearing, Mercy Health – St. Charles Hospital filed an appeal to the decision. The appeal was heard in March 2019, and the Staff Hearing Officer disallowed our client’s claim.

Our Client’s Multiple Appeals

Our client filed an administrative appeal to the Staff Hearing Officer’s decision in April 2019, asking for recompense for her mouth injuries. Unfortunately, our client was sent a final order denying the additional compensation.

She appealed this decision once more, this time to the Lucas County Common Pleas Court, where our client will ask a jury to determine whether or not the injuries to her mouth and teeth should be added to her workers’ compensation claim.

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