Dog Bites Child Leading to Lawsuit for Damages

In North Baltimore, Ohio, our client’s son went to his friend’s house for a birthday party when he was bitten by a vicious dog. The bite came from a Great Dane. This large dog’s bite left our client’s minor son with punctures and bites on his face, permanent scarring, and psychological trauma. These injuries required extensive medical treatment and will most likely require more treatment moving forward to treat the scarring that resulted from the attack.

In addition to the physical and psychological injuries faced by our client’s son, our client was prevented from living her normal life due to this attack. She was forced to endure her child’s suffering and create time to accommodate his medical needs that arose from his injuries.

In seeking the best possible compensation for our client, we have initiated a lawsuit for an amount. The suit is on claims of liability, negligence, and loss of consortium. It is our hope this much-deserved compensation will allow our client and her family to get their lives back on track after this traumatizing dog bite incident.

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