Customer Sues for Damages Caused by a Slip and Fall at McDonald’s

On a sunny afternoon in February, our client and her family went to McDonald’s in Lima, Ohio to purchase food. As they walked up to the establishment, our client slipped on a slick spot on the sidewalk and fell. Because this McDonald’s failed to maintain its premises and allowed grease to remain on the sidewalk without any warning signs or attempts to remove the hazard, our client suffered unnecessary harm. These failures constitute negligence, and we are pursuing a claim for damages on behalf of our client.

Assessing Our Client’s Damages

The negligence this McDonald’s exhibited directly resulted in our client’s injuries. As a result of the slip and fall accident, our client sustained an ankle fracture, which required hospital care and further medical treatment. In addition to incurring medical costs, she has experienced a loss of income, pain, suffering, and severe mental anguish and distress.

Our client also believes these injuries are permanent and will require future treatment and ongoing costs. On behalf of our client, we are asking the court for damages to address these long-term needs.

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Businesses have a responsibility to protect you—the customer—from harm. When a business fails to do this, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. Taking on a company can be intimidating, especially when it is one as big as McDonald’s, but you do not have to handle your case alone.

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