Automobile Collision Leads to Negligence Claim

One of our clients was involved in a car accident that resulted in serious injuries which are expected to have life-long disadvantages. While driving in Marion Township, Ohio, our client was rear-ended by another driver which pushed our client’s vehicle into another vehicle.

This collision left our client with injuries to his neck and back. These injuries resulted in substantial medical costs and great pain and suffering. In addition to this, our client’s injuries were permanent in nature will cause the incursion of future medical care costs. Furthermore, these injuries prevented our client from participating in work and left him unable to care for his wife.

The negligence of the other driver resulted in life-changing consequences for our client. The experienced attorneys at Charles Boyk Law pursued a negligence and loss of consortium claim against the other driver. While this compensation will not erase our client’s painful experience, it may assist in his recovery and ability to move forward.

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