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Young Woman’s Life Turned Upside Down

Our client, a young woman, was a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling on County Road E in York Township, just outside of Wauseon, Ohio. At the same time a dump truck being driven by an employee who was in the course and scope of his employment, failed to stop at the intersection’s posted stop sign, causing our client’s vehicle to smash into the side of the truck. Emergency Medical crews were called to scene where they immediately observed our client’s deformed left leg indicating a compound fracture. Due to the significant injuries, our client was sedated at the scene of the accident. She was then life flighted for emergency medical treatment to a local trauma hospital.

At the hospital it was determined that our client had fractured her femur, right ankle and had broken her neck. She required emergency consultations with an orthopedic surgeon and neurologist. She was kept in the hospital for a total of eight days and underwent three separate surgical procedures to repair her fractures.

Following discharge from the hospital, our client was transferred to a skilled nursing facility where she received personal care assistance and underwent rigorous physical therapy to strengthen and assist in healing her complex fractures. She stayed in the skilled nursing facility for a total of three weeks. Unfortunately, our client continued to experience increased pain in her left hip, left knee, and right ankle.  She was forced to undergo two more surgeries to remove the hardware that was previously implanted and underwent additional physical therapy.

Since the accident our client suffered from anxiety and depression. She had difficulty finding the motivation to continue her active treatment schedule. She experienced anxiety attacks while riding in vehicles, nightmares regarding motor vehicle accidents, and unprovoked crying spells. As a result, she sought counseling and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Before the accident our client was a hard-working, active young woman with great things ahead of her. However, due to the collision she lost more than a year of her life being homebound and unable to ambulate without the assistance of a wheelchair or crutches. She was placed under permanent weight bearing restrictions of 25 lbs. which left her unable to carry her young child. The effects of the collision left her permanently disabled leading to substantial impairment on her life and ability to work.

Days after the collision the Charles Boyk Law Office was contacted to assist our client with the aftermath of the truck accident. On behalf of our client, Boyk Law filed a lawsuit, in the Northern District of Ohio Federal Court, against the dump truck driver’s estate and the dump truck driver’s employer. After initial discovery and fact-gathering, Boyk Law submitted a lengthy demand packet to opposing counsel which lead to a quick resolution and large settlement for our client.

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