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Confidential Settlement – Elevator Accident Causes Serious Back Injury, PTSD

In April 2018, our client was working as a medical supply technician at a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time of the accident, he was transporting a cart of medical supplies from one floor to another. As our client pushed the cart onto the elevator, the doors closed, the lights went out and the elevator violently plummeted to the basement level. Once the elevator stopped, our client located the alarm button and called for help.

When the elevator doors finally opened, the elevator floor was not flush with the basement floor and our client had to be assisted out of the elevator by another employee. Our client immediately felt sharp stabbing pains in his left leg and neck, causing him to seek immediate medical attention. As a result of the accident, our client sustained serious personal injuries to his back and neck, and he also incurred serious psychological injuries including PTSD and a phobia of elevators.

We initially filed suit in court on behalf of our client, however, due to a successful negotiation we avoided the need for trial as we obtained a satisfactory confidential settlement for our client.

***Individual results may vary based on the facts, injuries, jurisdiction, venue, witnesses, parties, and other factors. This result is not necessarily representative of the results obtained by all clients.***

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