Bowling Green Crosswalk Accident Lawyer

There are several factors that could contribute to crosswalk accidents. If you have been injured from crossing the street in the crosswalk, contact a Bowling Green crosswalk accident lawyer today and file your claim.

Contributing Factors

Some factors that contribute to crosswalk injuries are the below:

  • Driver unaware of vehicle code
  • Driver not aware vehicle code is enforced
  • Inattention and speed

Some drivers don’t think to stop at crosswalks or pay attention to their surroundings. They may think that a pedestrian is rarely crossing the road at that specific crosswalk, so they do not need to assess the situation.

If you have suffered injury as a pedestrian in a crosswalk, you should receive damages for your injuries. As an injured pedestrian, you may have medical bills, permanent damage, and other forms of pain and suffering to deal with.

Contacting a Crosswalk Accident Lawyer

Our attorneys will give you a free case evaluation over the phone. We can begin working on your case immediately and help you to receive a settlement. Call to speak to a Bowling Green crosswalk accident lawyer so we can start this process.

If you want to have information on hand regarding Ohio accidents, you may also order a free copy of the Ohio Accident Book, written by our Bowling Green crosswalk accident lawyer.


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