Toledo’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Toledo’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Every day in Toledo and the surrounding areas, automobile accidents occur. With all of these crashes occurring, however, it appears that some intersections are more prone to accidents than others. The Ohio Department of Transportation has compiled accident statistics showing that there are 5 intersections in Lucas County that stand out as the “Most Dangerous Intersections”.

#1 – Dorr St. & Secor Rd.

From 2007 to 2011 there has been an average of 65 accidents a year at this intersection. This number includes one fatality and seven serious injuries. There is a speed/red light camera at that intersection as well. From January 2012-July 2012 the automated camera has issued 196 red light violations and 24-speed violations.

#2 – Monroe St. and Secor Rd.

#3 – Secor Rd. and Central Ave.

#4 – Byrne Rd. and Dorr St.

#5 – Byrne Rd. and Airport Highway

Lucas County has recently received $147,000 of in state and federal funding for traffic enforcement. Officers say that with more police on the streets and doing patrols, more drivers will be encouraged to be safe while driving.

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