Three Hurt In Serious Ohio Truck Accident

While all of the motor vehicle collisions handled by the Ohio accident lawyers at the Charles Boyk Law Offices are upsetting and life-changing, our legal team can’t avoid one undeniable commonality amongst the cases–those that involve vehicles of a larger size are more likely to cause severe injuries or even death to those involved in the crash.Such are the circumstances surrounding a recent Toledo auto accident that resulted in the hospitalization of three.

As a motorist was traveling on the interstate Tuesday afternoon, the car drifted too far to the left and the motorist over-corrected. Upon doing so, the vehicle struck the left front of the tractor-trailer ahead of it. The impact from the collision was so great, emergency rescue teams had to cut the roof off of the car to get the two passengers out.

According to reports from law enforcement officials, the two female passengers, along with another pregnant female passenger, were rushed to the nearby medical center and are listed in serious condition.

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