The Faces Of The Clyde Cancer Cluster

At a press conference on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, the public was introduced to the faces of the Clyde Cancer Cluster. Those speaking out at this press conference were the parents of the children affected by the cancer cluster, as well as adults themselves who have contracted cancer and other problems.

Watch the video introducing the victims here.

We heard from the parents of Alexa Brown, who would be in the 9th grade today if she was still alive. Her father, Warren Brown, told Alexa that she would not die in vain and that they would find what caused her cancer and the cancer of other children in the Clyde area.

Steve Keller, Kole Keller’s Grandpa, made the remark to the media that they’re “turning up the heat.” He no longer wants to wait around for answers; instead he is part of the group that is going to find the answers for themselves.

Attorneys Alan Mortensen and Charles Boyk are going to help the victims of the Clyde Cancer Cluster turn to stones over in regards to finding the cause of the prevalent cancer in the area. After testing was conducted in the victim’s homes, elevated levels of Benzaldehyde was found. This hazardous substance is suspected to have been an emission from Whirlpool’s smokestacks, or released into the environment when the company was dumping.

To stay up-to-date with the latest findings surrounding the Clyde Cancer Cluster, and the progression of the class action lawsuit filed against Whirlpool, Inc., visit our law office’s Clyde Cancer Cluster resource page.

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