Spring Safety On The Roadways

It seems that Mother Nature is finally starting to get it right this spring, and we might even be able to forgive Phil the Groundhog soon. The weather is starting to warm up and the birds are actually beginning to chirp in the morning. The 10-day forecast does not look as chilling as it has in the past few weeks, which means people will start “thinking spring.”

What does this mean? It means families on bike rides, runners on roadways, and children playing throughout the neighborhood. When driving on area roads, you must be aware of your surroundings, cautious of the shoulder of the road, and always make sure that you notice any pedestrians that will be crossing the street.

While drivers will not have to worry about driving defensively when ice and snow are on the roadway, they will have other things to be aware of:


Many motorcycle owners have been itching to roll their bike out from storage. This means that as the weather gets warmer and warmer, drivers will see more and more motorcyclists weaving on the roads. Sometimes motorcycles are hard to see and may be hidden in the driver’s blind spot. It is very, very important to always check in the mirrors and over the shoulder when merging or switching lanes.

Road Runners

There are many runners that have been cooped up inside, running on a treadmill the past five to six months. As soon as the weather warms up, drivers will see runners on the shoulder of many area streets. Whether it’s your neighborhood street or a main street in town, be aware of the shoulder of the road, and be extra cautious at intersections.


As soon as school lets out in the spring, you will hear children laughing and playing outside. This means bike rides and games being played throughout the neighborhood. A driver cannot trust a child to know every traffic rule or to not run in the street after a ball, so it is imperative to drive with caution. Be aware of the surrounding area and attempt to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Bike Rides

Nothing says spring like a family bike ride, so drivers must be prepared for bikers on nearly every roadway. Even if the pack of bikers is traveling on the shoulder completely, and out of the way of traffic, there is always the possibility of a child falling off of their bike. If traffic allows, leave extra room when driving past bikers.

Enjoy the change of season without any accidents. Always remain defensive on the roadways.


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