Ohio Motorcyclist Killed After Exit Ramp Crash

With years of experience handling a variety of motor vehicle collisions, the Ohio accident attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices know that all crashes can be tragic and carry life-changing consequences. However, one undeniable truth remains–the size of the vehicles greatly determines both the severity of the damage done and the injuries sustained by those involved.

Such are the circumstances surrounding a recent Toledo motorcycle accident that resulted in the death of an Ohio man.

As 34 year-old Wayne Shelton was driving a 2006 Suzuki motorcycle south when he attempted to exit. Upon doing so, he was unable to negotiable the turn and lost control of his bike, ultimately being thrown from the vehicle before it crashed into a ditch. When law enforcement officials arrived on the scene of the accident, Shelton was pronounced dead at the scene.

Although there are no other details to report at this time, the Highway Patrol is investigating this fatal accident.

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