My Out-Of-State College Student Was Injured In An Ohio Accident

With the college school year in full swing, students are becoming settled in at their new homes, making new friends, and learning their way around a new city. But, no matter how comfortable someone feels at college, everything can change when they are put in a confusing and stressful situation such as becoming injured in an accident.

First of all, nearly every child wishes to be with their parents if they are injured – it is who they feel most safe with. If a college student is attending an out-of-state school and is injured, they are not only far away from their family, but they have to learn the different legalities in the state that they were in for the accident.

Out-of-State Student Injured in Ohio

If you child is attending school out of state in Ohio and has been involved in an injury accident, you may be very overwhelmed with what to do.

The first question many people have in this situation is whether or not they are considered an Ohio resident.

Ohio law states that a resident is anyone that maintains a 12-month residence in Ohio, is qualified to vote in the state, and pays taxes to the state. In other words, any person that is currently in the state and plans to stay may be considered an Ohio resident.

If your injured child plans to seek compensation for their injuries, they have equal access to Ohio Courts. To ensure that your child will, in fact, receive the compensation that they deserve if someone else caused the accident that injured them, you will want to seek an Ohio attorney to represent them. A lawyer will work to make sure that your child receives the most favorable settlement and those at-fault individuals are held responsible.

If you would like to speak to one of our Ohio lawyers regarding your child’s accident, call 800.637.8170. We can review the case over the phone with you, answer any questions that you have regarding the matter, and help you make a plan to have you child receive the best possible outcome. We can also make arrangements to meet your injured child at their school if it is difficult for them to gain transportation to our office. We do everything in our power to make sure that our clients are comfortable and can focus on recovery.

We know that this a confusing time for you, so let us help you. Call today and we can navigate you and your child through the Ohio legal process.

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