Motorcyclists Beware – Weather Brings Out Potholes

Spring is around the corner and getting out your motorcycle can be a fun way to take advantage of the nicer weather. Unfortunately, motorcyclists face far greater risks of accidents and serious injuries than passenger vehicles. In fact, motorcycle fatalities are about 30 times higher than car accident fatalities.

While the leading cause of motorcycle accidents continues to be negligent motorists failing to watch out for and yield to motorcycles, there are other causes to be aware of, particularly in early Spring – namely potholes.

You are certain to encounter potholes – lots of them. Throughout the freezing and thawing weather of winter, water seeps into cracks in the road and freezes. When the water freezes, it expands – causing the pavement to expand, bend, and crack.  As this cycle continues the pavement weakens. As the weight of cars and trucks passes over the weakened pavement, roadway material can be broken down and displaced – creating the pothole.

While potholes may be annoying for cars and trucks, they can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. When a motorcycle hits a bump or pothole it can push the motorcycle and/or damage the tire or wheel.

What Causes Potholes?

Potholes caused by the severe winter are an early-season hazard to remember when heading out on the road. Potholes are just one example along with other road hazards of the early spring season that bring challenges to your safety. In the first months of spring be aware of the potholes that have developed over the winter. Even potholes that have been attended to sometimes are over-filled or under-filled which can be a hazard in itself. Stay alert and drive cautiously because many potholes can cause even the best of riders to take a bad spill.

Potholes are often not visible until you get right up to them which makes an impact all that more serious. Make sure to maintain enough distance from the vehicles in front of you to see surface hazards in time.

Failing a Case Against a Government Entity

If you are injured and/or your bike is damaged in a pothole accident, determining responsibility can be challenging. In some cases, if the government entity responsible for maintaining the roads knew about the pothole and failed to take reasonable steps to promptly repair or at least warn drivers of the pothole, they may be liable for your injuries and damage. As an example, a motorcyclist who was seriously injured after he hit a large pothole and crashed, brought suit against the County responsible for maintaining the road. The jury found the County knew about the pothole and failed to properly warn and repair it. They awarded the motorcyclist $3.4 million.

Although conditions are not always ideal at the beginning of the season for motorcycle riding a prepared and careful rider can have a good time if they are properly prepared, observant, and above all else safe when riding the spring roads. If you have been injured as a result of a motorcycle accident in Michigan or Ohio, you should speak to a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.  Our office offers free consultations and case evaluations. We conduct complete investigations into the incident, determine liability and work to recover fair and just compensation for you.

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Even the safest, experienced, and prepared motorcycle riders can find themselves on the bad side of an accident. Because the nature of riding a motorcycle exposes one to more harm and injuries than in other road accidents it’s important that you are a safe and cautious driver. If you are in an accident involving your motorcycle, seek proper care and then contact our experienced team of lawyers to listen and help you through an accident. Call Charles E. Boyk Law Offices and speak with an experienced lawyer regarding your case today.

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