Motorcycle Safety

On the Road; here are some safety tips to remember while you are out on the road.

  • A good reminder for safe riding in traffic
    • Search around you for potential hazards.
    • Evaluate any possible hazards, such as railroad tracks, turning cars, etc.
    • Execute the proper action to avoid the hazard.
  • Make sure other drivers see you
    • Make sure your headlamps are on (even during the day), wear bright clothes, and always signal your intentions.
    • Don’t be shy about using your horn to make someone aware of your presence or to make them aware of what they are doing (dozing, getting too close, etc.).
    • Position your bike where it can be seen. Don’t put yourself behind a large truck or in a vehicle’s blind spot.
  • Make sure you can see others
    • Keep your eyes moving. If they are locked on one thing, you may not notice a potential hazard. Never let your eyes focus on an object for more than two seconds.
  • When you’re riding in traffic, at speeds under 40 mph, keep a two-second gap between you and the car in front of you.
  • When you’re out on the open road, at higher speeds, the gap should be three or four seconds or more, depending on your speed.
  • Intersections are particularly dangerous. Always check for traffic coming from the side and from behind. Make sure no one is about to run up your tailpipe.
  • Passing
    • You should be two (or more) seconds behind the vehicle you want to pass.
    • Always make sure you turn and check your blind spot with your head.
    • Don’t try to overtake another vehicle if a corner is coming up.
  • Night riding
    • Dusk is actually the most dangerous time to ride, when people’s eyes are adjusting from daylight to headlights.
    • The distance between you and the vehicle in front of you becomes even more important as it gets darker.
    • Wear a clear face shield without scratches. A scratch can create light refraction that might confuse you – two headlights can look like four, for example.

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