Man Dies in Fulton County Motorcycle Crash

The Toledo Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash that occurred on US 20A near State Road 109 in Fulton County Tuesday afternoon.

A Nissan Altima operated by a 64-year-old Wauseon man entered the roadway from a business and traveled west on US 20A. The Nissan was struck in the rear by a westbound Harley Davidson motorcycle operated by a 62-year-old Archbold man. The motorcycle overturned onto its side as a result of the crash. The Archbold man, Alan Mandly, was not wearing a helmet when the crash occurred. He was transported to a Health Center, where he was later pronounced deceased. The people in the Nissan were not injured. This crash remains under investigation.

 Motorcycle Safety

While riding your motorcycle can be fun and exhilarating it can be dangerous by the very nature of being on a bike with only yourself between another car and the pavement below. Riding a motorcycle requires that safety be your number one priority. Any mistakes either by you or another driver of another vehicle, especially a car or truck, can be deadly for you riding your motorcycle. In the accident here, the rider was not wearing a helmet. These safety tips should be always kept in mind when heading out on a ride.

  1. Always wear a helmet. They have been shown to reduce motorcycle crash deaths by 37% and head injuries by 69%.
  2. Take a motorcycle safety course. Always good to learn the rules of the road and the special driving skills needed to operate your motorcycle safely.
  3. Be extra observant for road signs, and conditions. Especially in the spring when potholes and other road debris have not yet been attended to.
  4. Assume other drivers on the road cannot see you riding your motorcycle. Driving with extra attention to the fact that other drivers may not see you allows you more time to react in a situation where another driver may cut you off in traffic, or pull out in front of you.
  5. Drive the speed limit, and obey all traffic rules and laws.
  6. Never ride your motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  7. Never ride your motorcycle while distracted by your phone or other device.
  8. Take breaks from riding if tired so that you can remain alert and attentive to the road.

Laws Motorcycle Riders Should Know

Motorcyclists, just like other drivers, must follow all Ohio traffic laws. In addition, Ohio has some motorcycle-specific laws that can be found in Chapter 4511 of the Ohio Revised Code. Here are some of the most important laws that you should know about if you plan to operate a motorcycle in the Ohio:

  • Motorcyclists are prohibited from riding more than 2 abreast (side by side) in a single lane
  • All motorcycle operators and passengers must wear safety glasses/goggles
  • Equipment Motorcycles should have on the bike are as follows:
  1. At least 1 (but not more than 2) headlights
  2. At least 1 tail light and brake light
  3. A white license plate
  4. A horn which can be heard from at least 200 feet.
  5. At least 1 rearview mirror positioned so the rider has a clear view of the road behind the motorcycle.
  6. Handlebars that don’t rise higher than the shoulders of the operator when seated on the operator’s seat or saddle.
  7. Turn signals (for all motorcycles manufactured after January 1, 1968).

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