How A Personal Injury Case Works: Reaching A Settlement

The Toledo accident lawyers at our law office have represented countless accident victims and have helped them to receive compensation for their injuries. We understand that our clients can be overwhelmed by the legal process and that they may be confused by the many different things that are related to their case. We do everything in our power to help clients through the personal injury claims process, deal with the insurance adjusters, and cover fees throughout the case.

The accident attorneys at our office also ensure that clients reach the most favorable settlement possible. This includes a constant update of settlement offers, explanations of fees and expenses related to the case, and medical bills that are related to the injuries from the accident.

Steps in a Personal Injury Case

Now we will discuss how an accident lawyer can help you with the settlement process, ensuring that all expenses are covered and medical bills are paid.

13. Our office will negotiate with your medical providers to reduce the amount of money you have to pay for your medical bills.

Our law office will take the responsibility of negotiating with your medical provider when it comes to the amount that you are expected to pay for your medical bills. Since our lawyers and legal staff deal with claims of this nature on a daily basis, we can use our experience and resources to your advantage, helping you reach the best financial outcome for you.

14. Your attorney will keep you updated about any offers that are made to settle your case.

Keeping you in the loop throughout your personal injury case is paramount to our office. We believe that an open line of communication regarding every aspect of your case is the key to guaranteeing a favorable outcome. We will notify you of any offer that is made to settle your case and give our opinion on what steps you should take to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

15. At the end of your case, you will be provided with a full explanation of all case expenses, medical expenses, and legal fees so you can see exactly how much money you’ll receive from a settlement or jury verdict.

Throughout the course of your personal injury claim, our office will keep track of all the expenses that are related to your case. We will also make sure that all fees are paid by the deadline for you so you do not have to worry about coming up with money to continue to pursue your claim. Once your case is settled, we will provide a full list of the expenses that were paid by our office. Our office will deduct the total from your settlement but will not take any more than the exact amount. We also do not ask for payment on the fees unless we are able to help you reach a settlement. This is a risk that we take with clients, but we do this because if not, many people would not be able to pursue a claim for their injuries.

The next article posted in this series will discuss how an attorney will help you to make some of the difficult decisions that will be related to your case.

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