Fido And Lassie Might Not Be So Lovable: Dog Bite Injuries










Fido and Lassie may not be so lovable. Remember these are still animals no matter how well trained they appear to be. The most common victim of dog bites and dog bite attacks are children generally between the ages five and nine. For some reason the five to nine age range seems to be the time when children are most susceptible to dog bite attacks. So please, if you have children who fall into that age please be informed and diligent in keeping your children out of harm’s way.

In 2006 alone more than 31,000 people had to undergo some type of surgery as a result of a dog bite or dog bite attack. The most common complications that arise out of the surgery and the surgery process come from unchecked infections.

Many people think that their pet is friendly and clean and so they underestimate their injuries or they tell themselves that “my dog is well behaved, it would never attack anyone.” Animal bites should be checked out by a doctor. If the bite involves serious bleeding, urgent care is required by a medical professional.

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