FAQ: Important Legal Tips For New Riders

Motorcycle laws differ from automobile laws in various ways. Because of the size and agility of motorcycles, in some states, they are given extra leniency in certain situations on the road. However, these opportunities should be viewed and executed cautiously, as motorcycles do not offer the same safety attributes as an automobile. Automobiles also require less maintenance than motorcycles; therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of all the motorcycles components such as brakes and lighting.


It is not illegal to filter through traffic (travel between stationary or slow moving vehicles), but you take on the risk of additional liability if you happen to be involved in an accident. If you choose to filter through traffic, do so cautiously and position yourself so that other drives are able to see you in their mirrors. You should also watch for drivers who are letting a car out of a side road into your path or people switching lanes.

Bus Lanes

Motorcycles are allowed in some bus lanes around the country. Bus lanes that allow motorcycles to drive in them will have a motorcycle icon on the signs at the beginning of the lane.


Helmet laws vary from state to state. For example, the Ohio law regarding helmets states that riders 17 and under must wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Helmets should be securely fastened under your chin, properly fit your head and be marked with a BS6638 sticker on the outside or an EC approval mark on the inside.

Visors and goggles

Dark or mirrored visors are illegal—some riders prefer to wear sunglasses


You should check your brake pads every 2,000 miles. If your brake pads have completely worn down, you will hear a loud grinding sound every time you apply the brakes.


All lights must properly work on the motorcycle. The headlight must have its dip and high beams adjusted correctly through a MoT check.

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