Dog Bites Cause Serious Injury & Fatality

When many people think of dog bites, a mail carrier comes to mind, or possibly a paper boy, being chased by a neighborhood dog. While this common scene in past comedic television and movies has left a certain notion in many people’s minds, the reality of dog bites is much more serious than what has been portrayed.

A recent dog bite incident in Columbus proves the point how dangerous dogs can be if they are not controlled.

3-month old girl died after being bit by the family’s dog. The girl was bitten inside her family’s home and then pronounced dead at the hospital. The Columbus Dispatch reported that Sgt. Steven Little said that the family’s two Shiba Inus didn’t appear to have attached the 3-month old girl, but instead appear to have been playing with her.

The incident happened after the girl was on the couch with her father. Apparently the father fell asleep and the little girl fell to the floor.

Our office sends prayers to the family of the little girl as they go through this unimaginable situation.

Dog Bites in Ohio

Our lawyers have helped victims of dog bites in the past. We once had a young girl who suffered permanent damage to her face from a dog bite attack. We enjoy the chance to help victims and their families find justice for these preventable acts. We also share information through our blog regarding dog bite prevention, the steps to take after a dog bite attack, and the choices that dog bite victims have.

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