Court Reversed Wrongful Death Suit Against The State

The original case in trial court ruled that the state was not liable for the death of William Gardner that occurred on Interstate 81 in Syracuse, NY. The ruling stated that state lacked the resources to fix the dangerous bridge even with prior knowledge of the bridge’s hazardous condition. Last week however, the fourth department appellate court overturned the ruling and granted the Gardners judgment on liability.

The accident occurred when William Gardner skidded off a snowy bridge. This happened only 36 hours after a fatal car accident took place on the same bridge and in the same manner. The ruling states,  “Only 2.1 inches of snow fell between the two accidents, including 0.2 inches that fell on the day of the decedent’s accident. There is no fair interpretation of the evidence that defendant’s response to a deadly condition by removing minimal snow and ice accumulations while failing to remove the snowbank that caused the fatality was reasonable.”

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