Construction Work On Toledo Roads

Construction Work On Toledo Roads

This past winter has left the Toledo area roads a mess – potholes in various places and other brutal side effects of the elements. It is now time to repair the roads, so the orange barrels will be taking over the roads.

Construction season brings frustrations and risks for accidents. It is very important for motorists to be aware when driving through construction so they do not cause or become involved in a car accident. Construction zones have lower speed limits because reduced speed helps to keep drivers and workers safe. There are also changing conditions in construction, with lane changes and barrel placements changing daily. Drivers must go slow and be aware of the road.

Lt. William Bowers with the Toledo OSHP Post told 13 ABC News, “Drivers need to make sure they’re paying attention. If it’s a $100 speeding ticket, it’ll be a $200 speeding ticket. And the courts are usually pretty good about making sure they do enforce that penalty.”

Motorists should be aware that troopers will be doing extra patrols through construction zones when necessary to prevent accidents. Drivers are asked to slow down in an effort to keep construction season safe for drivers and workers.

Driving Through Construction

Our law office has shared tips for drivers when going through construction, including the below:

  • Leave early to get to your destination
  • Adjust your schedule when able
  • Pay attention to the changing lanes and zones
  • Do not use your phone

For more tips, read the full blog post here.

It is imperative for drivers to be safe when going through construction zones as it puts themselves at danger for accidents, as well as the construction workers. If you are involved in a construction zone accident that is caused by another motorist, contact a car accident attorney to learn what your legal options are.

When a construction worker is injured in an accident, they should receive medical attention right away and contact a construction accident attorney for guidance. This type of injury claim can become confusing for victims and it is best to have the guidance of an experienced professional.

To speak to an attorney at our office, call 800.647.8170. You will have the opportunity to review your situation and ask any questions that you have about your options.

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