Clyde Cancer Cluster Family Shares Optimism

Clyde Cancer Cluster Family Shares Optimism

The case of the Clyde Cancer Cluster has recently been allowed by the Honorable James G. Carr to move forward. The motion to dismiss was denied to Whirlpool, Corp., finally allowing the families to receive the answers they’ve been seeking for years.

We explain what the judge’s decision means in a post in our blog. You can read the full post here, as well as get insight into what attorneys Charles Boyk and Alan Mortensen have to say about the advancement.

The Sandusky Registrar has shared the story with their readers, highlighting a family’s optimism with the latest advancement in the case.

Warren Brown, a father who lost his young child, Alexa Brown in 2009, said that he and his family are very pleased that a federal judge will allow them, among other Clyde Cancer Cluster victims, to continue fighting for answers.

Read more about the Brown family’s connection to the Clyde Cancer Cluster.

Warren Brown is one of the plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit surrounding the cancer cluster. Our office has gotten to know Warren and his wife, Wendy, very well throughout the past year. Warren has served as somewhat of a spokesman for the families we represent, who have also been affected by the cancer that is prevalent in their area.

The judge’s denial to Whirlpool’s motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s complaint means that the victims of the Clyde Cancer Cluster can begin to search for answers. The discovery process can begin, which means that Whirlpool, Corp. will finally have to reveal records that they’ve been so reluctant to in the past.

Warren commented on the case’s advancement, saying the below:

“I have to say that with the caveat that this is a very small step in a very long and arduous journey” – Warren Brown

Watch a video with Warren explaining his daughter’s battle with cancer.

Attorney Charles Boyk who is representing the families along with Attorney Alan Mortensen, agreed that the case will likely take a long time to resolve, but it is likely that Judge James Carr will be scheduling a pretrial conference soon.

As far as retrieving documents from Whirlpool, Attorney Boyk said the below:

“There could be hundreds of thousands of pages of documents we need to look at. Until we ask for it, we don’t know what they are going to produce. Are they going to have a warehouse full of documents, or are they going to tell us that nothing exists?” – Attorney Charles Boyk

For the latest information surrounding this case, visit the Clyde Cancer Cluster section of our website. As more information becomes available and advancements in the case are made, we will inform our readers.

Our office is looking forward to helping the families of the Clyde Cancer Cluster to find answers that they have had for many years. We will continue to fight on their behalf.

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