Clyde Cancer Cluster: Environmental Findings Released

Clyde Cancer Cluster: Environmental Findings Released

Today a press conference was held at the PNC Bank Building in downtown Toledo regarding the Eastern Sandusky County, Ohio Childhood Cancer Cluster. Attorney Alan Mortensen led the press conference, first introducing the media to the faces of the victims of the Clyde Cancer Cluster, and then releasing the results found from the environmental testing conducted in the area.

The Clyde Cancer Cluster Victims

As the media was introduced to each of the victims and/or parents present, those in attendance couldn’t help but to tear up. Each person’s story pulls at your heart strings and makes you wonder how such a tragic trend exists in the small town of Clyde. There were stories of young children developing cancer as well as women who suffered from breast and ovarian cancer. The one thing that everyone had in common was their home’s close proximity to Whirlpool Park and the surrounding area, and elevated levels of a hazardous substance in their attic’s dust particulates.

Environmental Testing Results

Extensive testing was conducted to find the cause of the Clyde Cancer Cluster. The results released stated that there were unusually high levels of Benzaldehyde in the attics of the victim’s homes. Benzaldehyde is a hazardous substance and was found in all of the homes of the victims at approximately the same level. Attorney Alan Mortensen stated that this is the first common denominator that’s been found between the families of the children sickened with cancer.

One interesting thing about the levels found is that a home that is ten years old has the same level of Benzaldehyde as a home that is 110 years old. There is a concern with home owner’s property values as the value of area homes has become nonexistent due to the tragedy tied to the location.

Lawsuit Filed Against Whirlpool

The families have filed a lawsuit against Whirlpool, Inc. as it is suspected that the corporation is responsible for the cause of the Clyde Cancer Cluster. Attorney Alan Mortensen stated that Whirlpool is responsible for the hazardous chemicals release into the air, which is thought to have been done either through the corporations smoke stacks, or through the dumping and vaporizing of the chemicals.

This lawsuit could take years and the families have stated that they are in it for the long haul. A Whirlpool spokeswoman, Kristine Vernier, stated on Tuesday that “We will vigorously defend Whirlpool, its employees, and the community against these allegations.”

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