Charles Boyk Law Offices Gives Back To Start High School

Charles Boyk Law Offices Gives Back To Start High School

The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices are proudly giving back to the community through the Teacher Appreciation Contest at Start High School.

Attorney Charles Boyk attended Start High School, sharing his experience on the law office’s YouTube Channel. He explained who his favorite teacher was at the time, and how the lessons learned helped him throughout his life.

Our law office believes that teachers have the ability to not only shape the minds of today’s youth, but to genuinely affect their lives. Some of the teachers we have highlighted throughout the Teacher Appreciation Contest have done magnificent things to help their students, from helping with homework after work, to providing emotional support when needed.

The March Teacher of the Month, highlighted on the Charles Boyk Law Offices YouTube Channel, is Kay Yavorksy. Ms. Yavorsky was nominated by sophomore Raven Bucher. Raven described Ms. Yavorsky as a really supportive and understanding teacher who is very nice and continues to care about her students. When asked if she could say anything to Ms. Yavorsky, what would it be, Raven replied, “That she’s an awesome, supportive teacher and to keep up the good work!”

Boyk Law Offices Rewards Area Teacher

When Raven was presented with the knowledge that she and Ms. Yavorsky were picked as the winners for the month, she was very excited.

Raven presented the award to Ms. Yavorsky as she was in front of the class. She was very thankful for the award and the two were snapped in a great picture together, as seen below.

Our law office enjoys giving back to the community that we serve. To read about more teachers and students that we have featured, visit the Start High School page on our website.

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