Car-Pedestrian Accidents & Injuries On The Rise

Car-Pedestrian Accidents & Injuries On The Rise

A new school year is upon us and children will soon be out early in the morning, walking or riding bikes to school or waiting at the school bus stop. This will increase activity on sidewalks, at intersections, and in crosswalks. This increased traffic of pedestrians will also occur in the afternoon when children return home from their school day. Due to the changing activity on the roadways, drivers must begin to be more cautious during the specified times of the day.

Car-pedestrian accidents happen more frequently than you may believe. The National Highway & Traffic Association has reported that there were 69,000 pedestrians injured in car-pedestrian accidents in 2011. Of the 69,000 accidents, there were 4,432 that resulted in injuries that were so serious, death was the result. The report also states that 11,000 of those injured in a car-pedestrian accident were 14-year-old or younger.

While the National Highway & Traffic Association has been trying to raise awareness of the dangers that pedestrians face, there has unfortunately been an increase in the number of car-pedestrian accidents and deaths. Our law office would like to try to help reduce the number of accidents by sharing the causes of such accidents and prevention tips to the community.

Car-Pedestrian Accidents Caused by Distraction

To prevent distraction on the roadway that can lead to car-pedestrian accidents, one tip for drivers is to leave for the destination, allowing time for traffic and other delays that may occur. It is also recommended to refrain from using electronic devises while driving. That being said, drivers should set their GPS up before leaving, and should not use their cell phones while driving.

Motorists should not multitask behind the wheel. Multitasking includes eating while driving, putting on makeup behind the wheel, or doing any other activity that takes attention away from the roadway. Multitasking increases the risk for accidents and when it is a pedestrian versus a vehicle, the pedestrian stands little chance.

Car Accidents Caused by Alcohol

Seventy-percent of car-pedestrian accidents involve alcohol. This shows that many deaths are preventable. Our law office urges drivers to never drink while under the influence. The result can not only be tragic for the victim, but also lead to a life of guilt and legal consequences for the drunk driver.

A pedestrian injured by a drunk driver can seek compensation against that motorist. A car accident attorney can help those victims receive a favorable settlement for the physical and emotional injuries that the accident may have caused.

Pedestrian Injured By Car

If you or your loved one was injured by a vehicle, call our Ohio car accident attorneys. Our office has experience dealing with similar accidents and can help you receive the compensation that is deserved.

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