Bicycle Related Traffic Accidents: Who Is Responsible?

Although the number of overall traffic incidences has decreased in recent years, accidents involving cyclists has increased. Why, with the total number of fatalities at its lowest in over 50 years, is there a rather disturbing spike in the number of accident fatalities involving bicyclists?

Bicyclist deaths increased by 8.7% when overall traffic fatalities decreased by 1.9%. Among the questions that arise from this unnerving increase include, what is the overall cause? Is it simply because there are more cyclists on the road with the recent emphasis of health and exercise, as well as greener modes of transportation? Are the roadways ill-equipped to handle bicyclists along with the normal vehicle traffic? What responsibility does the local and federal government have to combat this issue?

When injured or killed while riding a bicycle, who is at-fault? Is it the driver of the vehicle that may have hit you or your loved one to blame, or is the local government partially for lack of accommodation? These are viable questions, as this issue continues to become more prevalent throughout the country.

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