BGSU Students Design System To Prevent Wrong Way Drivers

We all remember the tragic accident in 2012 that ended in the death of three Bowling Green State University sorority sisters. It was the first wrong-way crash of the year and started somewhat of a trend in the Toledo area. Now, two engineering students at BGSU are designing a program to stop wrong-way drivers.

BGSU student Seth Cooper explained how the incident impacted many people in the BG-Toledo area and was a big deal for the students. The system is designed to help stop such tragic incidences is a magnetic system in the ground that can detect a wrong-way driver.

Kevin Baumann, Seth Coopers partner in the project, stated, “As the car travels forward the system detects you going in the wrong direction. It will activate the entire system.” There two wrong way signs that are illuminated with LED to help stop the drivers, which the team believes would immediately warn the drivers.

If the wrong way LED lights don’t work first, there are other forms of prevention within the system. “If the wrong way lights failed to stop the driver, they would come forward, hit the spike strips, disabling the vehicle. At the same time, [there is also a] sign illuminated to warn drivers exiting the freeway that there is a car.”

The entire system is controlled by a white box. The students are hoping transportation companies will use their design to help prevent further accidents and say it would cost between $150,000 and $200,000 to build.

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