Perrysburg Birth Injury Claims

During an assisted vaginal delivery, the delivering medical professionals may use certain tools to help them progress the baby along the birth canal. One of the tools used are forceps, which look similar to two large salad spoons. Occasionally, the forceps can injure the baby or the mother.

Forceps are used to guide the baby’s head through the birth canal while the mother pushes during contractions. This tool is used during the second stage of labor if the mother has been pushing for more than two hours. Forceps are also used if a problem exists making it too risky for the mother to push.

During an assisted delivery with forceps, the mother may be at risk for severe tears to the vagina, as well as incontinence following the delivery. The baby faces serious risks such as injured nerves, facial injury, bleeding of the head, and skull fractures.

Contact a Lawyer

If forceps were used during the delivery of your child, and the instrument was not used effectively and resulted in serious injury, contact our medical malpractice lawyers today. Forceps injuries can be very serious for both the mother and child, and our lawyers are experienced in this practice area. We will help you receive damages for the pain that the incident has caused you and your child. We can help you file Perrysburg birth injury claims.

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