Maumee Birth Injury Claims

Forceps are sometimes used during the delivery of a baby when the delivering doctor needs assistance in grasping the baby. If a mother is in labor, pushing during contractions, but the baby is not progressing from the birth canal, the doctor may decide to use forceps.

Shaped like large salad tongs, forceps have the potential to cause injury to both the baby and the mother. Delivering mothers have experienced tears and wounds, urinary or fecal incontinence, anemia, ruptured uterine and weakened muscles and ligaments. Most of these risks are also associated with vaginal delivery without the use of forceps, but the chances of experiencing one increases when forceps are used during delivery.

The risks the forceps pose to the baby include injuries to their face, facial palsy, possible eye trauma, bleeding and fracture of the skull, and seizures. Often, the baby will have marks on their face from the forceps after delivery, but these are normal and will go away after some time.

While forceps do help to save lives during difficult deliveries, if they are used in an improper way, they may cause lifelong problems for your baby. If this instrument was used in an improper way on your child, call our forceps injury attorneys at 800.637.8170. File your Maumee birth injury claims with a skilled attorney.

All medical professionals should be properly trained if using instruments during delivery. If your delivery team was not trained properly to use forceps, and then caused serious injury to your or your child, call our office. Our birth injury attorneys have experience in this area of medical malpractice and can help you to file Maumee birth injury claims. We can also offer you a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Medical Malpractice Claims in Ohio, to help answer any questions along the way.

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