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Our world is full of animal lovers. Whether you have a snarky feline or a fluffy rabbit, pets are a part of our lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 36 percent of American households have one dog. Owning a dog presents the responsibilities of feeding, grooming, nurturing, and training. But what happens if a four-legged family member becomes aggressive?

Roughly 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog each year, and half of those victims are children, according to the CDC. When you suffer injuries from a dog bite, taking legal action might be necessary. Talking with a Defiance dog bite lawyer could get you compensation for your losses. Reach out to a compassionate personal injury attorney today to start your legal claim.

Who Is At Fault for a Dog Bite?

In the state of Ohio, the Ohio Rev. Code. Ann. § 955.28 places liability on the dog owner for damages and injuries caused by the dog. The task of finding fault may not be necessary. Although every dog bite case is different, you may not need to prove owner negligence to receive monetary compensation.

What Law Governs Injury Claims in Defiance?<

If a dog bite victim like yourself plans to file a claim based on the dog owner’s negligence, you may do so because of Ohio’s common law. In a common law case, determining the fault is central to the claim and allows additional monetary compensation like punitive damages. Retaining the services of a dog bite lawyer in Defiance may help you receive money for medical bills.

What Are Some Potential Damages After an Animal Attack?>

When a dog becomes aggressive and attacks, the physical damages could be life-threatening. But even if dog bite wounds are not critical, the healing process could be painful. Bodily harm inflicted by an animal takes time to heal and poses health risks such as rabies and tetanus. More alarming are dog bites to the face, which could require extensive cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

After a dog bite injury, a consultation with a Defiance dog bite attorney could help you strategize a winning approach. An experienced lawyer may be able to negotiate a settlement to lessen mounting expenses and replace lost wages.

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

People have the right to feel safe when outdoors or visiting a family member’s house. Dog owners must ensure all safety measures are met. Following tips for dog bite prevention is not foolproof, but it could decrease the chances of an attack.

Some prevention tips recommended by the CDC and the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA) include:

  • Socializing
  • Education
  • Let the dog sniff a hand before petting it
  • Be still when an unfamiliar dog approaches
  • Report stray or odd behaving dogs
  • Keep the dog on a leash while walking

When dog bite prevention tips get used, they increase public safety. Despite these measures, they are not foolproof. If an attack still happens, seek medical attention and legal representation. Whether the dog attack injuries are severe or not, having a Defiance dog bite lawyer could help get you the justice you need.

Meet with a Defiance Dog Bite Attorney

A dog attack wound hurts and is traumatizing. Severe injuries may be visible and permanent. If you want help through the legal process, meeting with a Defiance dog bite lawyer could be right for you. The lawyer may be able to recover compensation for your pain and suffering.

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