Lucas County Resident Sues for Injuries in Hit and Run Rear-End Collision

On October 11, 2020, our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling through Toledo, Ohio. Our client’s driver believes that another negligent driver rear-ended the car our client was in, causing the driver to lose control of her vehicle and crash into the concrete median barrier. However, it is unclear at this time whether there was a second vehicle, or if our client’s driver was negligent on her own in losing control of the vehicle.

The other driver has stated that the motorist who rear-ended her fled the scene of the accident. Following the accident, emergency medical services arrived and transported our client to Toledo Hospital for treatment.

Determining Fault of the Two Defendants

There are two defendants in this case—the unnamed driver who caused the rear-end collision and the woman driving the car our client was in. Both defendants owed a duty of care to operate their vehicles lawfully under local and state law.

The unnamed defendant breached their duty when they failed to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of them, which resulted in an accident. Similarly, the defendant driving our client breached her duty when she lost control of the vehicle, causing it to crash into the concrete median barrier.

Because the driver who caused the accident fled the scene, our client is seeking a declaratory judgment from the Progressive Casualty Insurance Company for compensation through his underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.

Assessing Our Client’s Injuries and Damages

As a result of the defendants’ negligence, our client suffered significant personal injuries, including a concussion and bone fractures. Additionally, our client suffered severe mental anguish and emotional distress. Our client has incurred considerable financial losses due to his hospital bills and medical fees. Furthermore, he believes his injuries are permanent and will require future medical attention. On behalf of our client, we are seeking compensation to address these economic and non-economic damages.

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