Sexual Assault Survivor Sues Attacker

From the time our client was 10 years old until the age of 16, she was sexually assaulted. In May 2019, the defendant, her attacker, was convicted of numerous criminal offenses and sentenced to an indefinite prison term, ranging from 10 years to life. The charges against the defendant included: the rape of a person less than thirteen years of age, rape by force or threat, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, and sexual battery. The defendant must also register as a Tier III Sex Offender.

Physical and Psychological Injuries Sustained

The plaintiff endured sexual abuse for numerous years. As a result of this abuse, she suffered trauma as well as serious physical and psychological injuries. The plaintiff also incurred medical expenses, mental anguish, suffering, and emotional distress.

Moreover, the plaintiff believes that the injuries sustained will be permanent and she will need future medical care and incur additional expenses to live with the trauma that they endured. The plaintiff will also continue to experience severe mental anguish, suffering, and emotional distress due to the abuse she faced at such a young age.

Not only is the plaintiff seeking reparations for the crimes that the defendant was charged with, but also retribution for the defendant intending to cause emotional distress. The defendant was intentionally harmful when committing these acts of violence, knowing that he was creating unreasonable risk for the minor.

The plaintiff is demanding an amount exceeding $25,000 for the six counts in which she is suing the defendant. Additionally, the lawsuit seeks punitive damages, as well as interest, costs, attorney fees, and any other monetary relief the court may deem just to award.

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