Sexual abuse is a traumatic experience.

Unfortunately, it is highly prevalent in our society, yet it remains among the most under-reported serious offenses. Victims/survivors often do not speak out about these experiences because of fear or shame or a belief that nothing can, or will, be done.


The term “sexual abuse” is an all-encompassing term. Although the specific definition varies by state, it generally refers to crimes involving sexual behavior by one person towards another without their consent. This can include sexual penetration or touching such as sexual assault and rape. It can also include sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, voyeurism, or being photographed or video-recorded without consent.


The most immediate and important concern is your safety. First, ensure your own well-being. This may involve seeking medical attention, calling a helpline, finding a safe place to stay, contacting authorities, or visiting a crisis center. After you have ensured your safety and well-being, contact us to pursue civil action. Visit our resources page for a list of websites and phone numbers for organizations that provide support for those affected by sexual assault and abuse.

Types of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse and sexual assault can take many forms. Often, the survivor knows the perpetrator, although that is not always the case. No matter what, it is never the survivor’s fault that they have been abused or assaulted. Examples of places where sexual assault may occur and individuals who may be responsible include:

  • Colleges, universities, and schools
  • Clergy and religious institutions
  • Daycares, summer camps, and babysitters
  • Medical providers, hospitals, and nursing facilities
  • Youth organizations and sports teams
  • Inmates and correction officers
  • Property owners
  • Workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault

This list is not comprehensive. Sexual abuse can take many different forms, and sometimes the survivor is not even aware they have been abused. Any type of sexual behavior sexual behavior by one person towards another without their consent constitutes sexual abuse. Anyone can be a victim of sexual abuse.


There is no cost to contacting us, no fees, and you pay nothing if you do not win. All information you provide us is strictly confidential. We are committed to fighting for you in a way that benefits you and your goals. We will discuss the options available to you and find the path that works best for you.

We have experience fighting for survivors of sexual assault and abuse, and understand the compassion, discretion, and trust necessary. Your confidence in us is our priority.

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