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Injured Truck Driver Seeks Compensation for Side-Impact Crash

In December 2017, a semi-truck driver in Fremont suffered permanent injury as a result of a side-impact accident involving another truck.

Injured Driver Seeks Reparations from Drunk Driver

On December 1, 2017, our client was operating her vehicle eastbound on West Sylvania Avenue in Toledo, Ohio and was rear-ended by an intoxicated driver operating someone else’s vehicle.

Construction Company Defectively Repairs Concrete Causing Serious Personal Injury

In December 2018, our client was leaving the premises of a medical facility and while walking in the parking lot to his car, stepped on what appeared to be a repaved square of concrete and injured his foot and ankle.

Disabled Woman Injured by Southwest Airlines

In November 2017, our client was traveling via Southwest Airlines from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois and required the use of a wheelchair for transportation across the airport and was injured by a negligent employee pushing the chair.

Plaintiff Files a Claim Against Negligent Driver Disobeying Traffic Rules

While driving in Lucas County, Ohio, our client was struck by a negligent motorist who ignored a posted stop sign and unlawfully proceeded into an intersection.

Woman Injured After Motorist Disregards Stop Sign

Our client was driving through Lake Township, Ohio in October 2018 when another driver ignored a stop sign and collided with her. This accident caused our client to suffer serious injuries to her back and chest that required medical care. As a direct result of…

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