I was bitten by my (friend’s/neighbor’s/relative’s) dog, and don’t want to bring suit against him. What is the best way to get my needs taken care of without getting the courts involved?

Your friend or relative will not be affected. It’s understandable to get nervous when you start thinking about the court system and lawyers, especially when the opposite party is a friend or relative.

No one wants to financially ruin a friend.

What should be considered is that you aren’t bringing suit against anybody.

The dog owner will not be ruined by your actions, and the insurance company certainly won’t be either.

In acquiring the services of an attorney in a dog bite case, you are hiring someone to assist you in filing a claim with an insurance company. This is a crucial difference. The reason for hiring an attorney for what should be simply a matter of paperwork is that the insurance companies will offer about 10% to 20% of what you are legally entitled to.

Without the services of a skilled attorney, you won’t have a good idea as to what a fair settlement looks like, and will probably accept far less than you deserve. Is it right for the insurance company to offer to just pay the medical bills if the dog bite put you out of work for two weeks or longer?

Or left you unable to work at all? Or if the dog disfigured your face? Definitely not.

Even if the case goes to court, it isn’t the friend or relative that you are bringing action against.

It is the insurance company that is doing it’s best to not live up to their obligations.

Again, your friend or relative will not be affected.