Filing a Toledo Wrongful Death Claim

A wrongful death claim can be filed when an individual dies due to the fault of another person. These claims can be filed for a variety of fatal accidents. Those that can be at-fault in a wrongful death case include individuals, companies, and government agencies. If you are someone you love are filing a Toledo wrongful death claim, contact a wrongful death lawyer.

Filing a Claim

The wrongful death claim is filed on the behalf of the survivors who suffer as a result of the individual’s death. A representative file the claim (usually the executor of the deceased) on behalf of the “real parties of interest” who may include:

  • Immediate family members
  • Life partners, financial dependents, putative spouses
  • Distant family members
  • All persons who suffer financially

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The wrongful death lawsuit can be brought against individuals, companies, government agencies, and employees. In the case of a car accident, the defendants could be:

  • The driver at fault in the accident
  • The designer of the roadway (if faulty)
  • Government agent that failed to provide road hazard warnings (if faulty)
  • Manufacturer, distributor or installer of dangerous part of vehicle (if faulty)
  • Persons who sold served, or gave alcohol to impaired driver (if cause of accident)
  • Owner of premises where alcohol was served (if cause of accident)

Starting the Claims Process

The first thing that you must do if filing a Toledo wrongful death claim is to call a wrongful death attorney. Our team of attorneys have years of experience with these types of cases and can help you to begin the process as smoothly as possible.

The sooner you call a wrongful death lawyer, the better. There are statutes that you must be aware of in order to receive the damages deserved for the death of your loved one.

To begin the process, call our wrongful death lawyers today. We will review your case over the phone and help to take the burden off of your shoulders.

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