While many people are not aware of the problem that it has become, nursing home negligence is prevalent throughout the state of Ohio. The Swanton nursing home abuse lawyers at our office have seen some of the unfortunate effects of nursing home negligence. Our personal injury attorneys have helped victims of negligence in nursing care facilities and have taken a stand against the wrongdoings by spreading awareness and helping to educate others of the problem.

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home negligence refers to the improper treatment of residents or a delay of the necessary treatment that a resident deserves. One of the common results of nursing home negligence is pressure ulcers, otherwise known as bed sores.

A pressure ulcer or bed sore is an irritation of the skin that results from a person resting in one position for an extended period of time. The condition begins as a skin irritation but can escalate to something very serious that requires medical attention. The residents and patients in nursing homes are at risk for bed sores if they are bedridden or spend a significant amount of time in a wheelchair.

The good news is that bed sores are easily prevented, but the bad news is that once they escalate past the first stages, they become very serious complications for the patient. If you have a loved one in a Swanton nursing home and they have experienced unsatisfactory care and you believe they may be at risk for bed sores, or have developed a bed sore, call A Swanton nursing home abuse attorney immediately.

Stages of Bed Sores

There are four different stages of pressure ulcers that a patient may develop. The longer the condition goes on without proper treatment, the worse the bed sore becomes.

Stage 1: NonBlanchable Erythema

During this stage, the bed sore appears red and is in a localized area of the body. It may feel different from other areas.

Stage 2: Partial Thickness

The second stage of a bed sore consists of the beginning of the shallow, open ulcer which will have a red or pinkish tint to it. The pressure ulcer may rupture and contain a serum. It will appear to look similar to a blister

Stage 3: Full Thickness Skin Loss

During this stage, the subcutaneous fat may be visible as the ulcer appears either shallow or deep. The ulcer’s state depends on the located of the body that it occurs.

Stage 4: Full Thickness Tissue Loss

The fourth stage of a bed sore’s development will include exposed bone, tendon, or muscle, and there will be full tissue loss. At this point, it is likely that osteomyelitis or osteitis occurs. Working with a nursing home abuse attorney in Swanton is critical to getting the care you need for your loved one.

Contact a Swanton Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If your loved one is at a Swanton nursing home and they have experienced any of the above symptoms leading you to believe that they have developed a bed sore while a resident of the facility, you must seek guidance from a Swanton nursing home abuse lawyer. Our team wants to help you and your family through this difficult time and to help your family member receive the respect and treatment that they deserve.

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