Swanton Boat Accident Lawyer

While boating can be exciting and enjoyable, it can also be dangerous and result in severe and even life-altering injuries. If you or a loved one was hurt in a boating crash or wreck, a compassionate Swanton boat accident lawyer may be able to help.

After sustaining an injury, you may be overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. By working with a dedicated and knowledgeable injury attorney, you could assess your legal options and decide how to best proceed.

The Statics of Boating Injuries

In recent years, both the number of boating wrecks, as well as the subsequent injuries sustained, has increased significantly. For example, in 2016, the Coast Guard reported that 4,463 boat crashes resulted in 2,903 injuries and 701 fatalities.

Due to the frequency of these incidents, it is unfortunately likely that a boater may experience an injury on the waterway. However, a seasoned boat accident lawyer familiar with boating laws and regulations may be able to help them pursue compensation.

Common Types of Boating Crashes

There are several different types of accidents and crashes that may occur on the waterways. These may involve both recreational boats, as well as commercial or touring vessels. Some of the most common incidents include:

  • Collisions with other boats or crashing into a fixed object
  • Capsizing
  • Running aground
  • Dangerous conditions onboard—such as food poisoning or unsanitary waste disposal practices aboard cruise ships

Commercial Liability in Swanton

Ohio courts consider a variety of factors when determining who contributed to a boating crash and its subsequent damages. This is because, if a boater was determined to have behaved carelessly or reckless, an injured claimant may be able to receive compensation on the legal basis of negligence. Actionable negligence for a boating injury claim may include:

  • Inadequate or absent life jackets or life preservers
  • An error made by the Captain—including if they were poorly trained, unqualified, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or failed to obey waterway rules
  • Boating during unsafe weather conditions
  • Failure to properly inspect, maintain, or repair the vessel

If a claimant can prove that another boater engaged in these or other negligent actions, this may be a convincing case for compensation. A tenacious and hard-working Swanton boat accident lawyer could help a claimant to assess the facts of a boat crash and work to determine fault.

Additional Forms of Liability for Boating Collisions and Crashes

Along with a directly-negligent boater, there may be additional parties that were liable in a boating incident. For example, a swimmer may have been in a restricted area and contributed to a crash. On the other hand, a boat manufacturer or distributor may also be considered liable if a vessel malfunctioned or had inadequate safety instructions and warnings. In rare circumstances, the entity responsible for legally maintaining a certain body of water, as well as its the signage, signals, and buoys, may be deemed responsible for a crash.

Speak with a Swanton Boat Accident Attorney Today

Like drivers, all boaters have a legal duty of care owed to other people they encounter on the waterways. Because of this, a disregard for this duty may leave them legally liable for any accidents or injuries they cause.

If you were injured in a boating crash, consider reaching out to a Swanton boat accident lawyer. Instead of navigating the legal system alone, a well-versed attorney could help to guide you through each step as you seek compensation.

To begin working on a claim, call a legal professional today.

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