Ronald Stevens Receives Life Sentence After Decades of Abuse at Ottawa Hills

A former Ottawa Hills employee has just been sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum sentence of 101 years for over 30 charges. Presently, Ronald Stevens has been determined guilty on 31 out of 32 counts, for charges including rape, sexual battery, and gross sexual imposition. He stands by his plea of innocence and

plans to appeal his charges at a later date.

            As an employee of Ottawa Hills, Stevens managed the janitorial and custodial staff. Outside of school, Steven’s coached a series of youth baseball teams. He victimized at least six teenage boys with various sexual abuses from August 2017 through November 2019. The victims are linked to Stevens as both friends of the family and students in Ottawa Hill’s School System.

Ottawa Hills placed Steven’s on administrative leave following the December 2019 indictment, relating to his criminal charges. Shortly after, Randall’s wife was placed on a similar leave. Currently, the school system has not released any information regarding her employment status. The court is still determining the culpability and complacency of Kristie Stevens concerning the abuse charges. There is evidence of not only coded documents in the communique between Ronald and Kristie, but also of the destruction of evidence relating to the case that is still being disputed.


       The police are still looking for additional information relating to the case, please contact the Ottawa Hills Police Department at (419) 531-4211 with any information.


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