Ohio Nursing Home Abuse

Ohio Nursing Home Abuse

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced in July that he would be installing surveillance cameras in patients’ rooms at a Zanesville nursing home. The nursing home, Autumn Health Care, later received a notification that the state intended to revoke its license due to improper care and operations.

This is the first time that Ohio authorities would use cameras to spy on nursing-home employees and the attorney general has said that it won’t be the last. Just this year there have been 131 abuse neglect cases opened, compared to 74 cases during the same time period last year.

DeWine has stated that state authorities will be cracking down on nursing home abuse which is evident in the number of cases opened so far this year. It is difficult to imagine nursing home employees treating elderly improperly, but it does occur. Our office wants to help victims and families receive justice for the pain that they were put through.

Nursing home abuse includes the following forms of abuse and neglect:

  • Physical abuse
  • Verbal emotional abuse – intimidation through yelling, humiliation, blaming or scapegoating
  • Nonverbal emotional abuse – ignoring, isolating, and terrorizing the patient
  • Neglect or abandonment by caregiver
  •  Financial exploitation
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Our nursing home abuse attorneys want to put an end to the abuse that goes on at nursing homes in Ohio. Our attorneys have experience with cases of this matter and can work with your family to ensure that justice is served and the nursing home and employees are held responsible. Call 800.6937.8170 to speak to a lawyer about your case.

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