Toy Safety Tips

Keep The Holidays Fun With Proper Toy Safety

Whether you are making your list for Santa, or planning gifts for your family, toy safety is critical to keeping the season jolly. The end-of-the-year holidays are a source of joy, wonder, and TOYS for many in the United States and around the world. Just say the word “toys” and eyes shine a little brighter.

Sadly, not all toys are safe for everyone, particularly for children under five years old.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide®, more than 470 children under the age of 15 are seen in emergency rooms for toy-related injuries every day. Safe Kids Worldwide® has a great guide for making sure kids stay safe around their toys.

Find The Perfect Toy For The Right Stage

Most manufacturers display a suggested age range on toy packaging, and these are generally trustworthy guidelines. It is also crucial to consider a child’s developmental age and any differences in ability they experience. Carefully read all instructions and warning labels before purchasing. In particular, look for small parts or other potential choking hazards.

Don’t Forget A Helmet For Riding Toys

If the toy is intended to be ridden, include a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission-certified helmet. This will keep children safe while they’re having fun on a new bike, skateboard, scooter, or any other riding equipment.

Store Toys After Play

It is easy to overlook the long-term use of a toy. Safe storage is key to avoiding injuries. Securely store all toys in a bin or container after use, particularly if you have children of varying ages in your home. Make sure there are no holes or hinges that could catch little fingers!

Sign Up To Receive Product Recalls

Over time, a toy may reveal a flaw or may not work in the way it was intended. Staying up-to-date on toy recalls can prevent injuries. and publish regular information about product recalls related to kids.

Has your child been injured by a toy?

If your child is injured by a toy and you believe the manufacturer is at fault, contact us immediately. Our experienced Consumer Product Attorney can evaluate your situation and help you understand if you might have a claim. Contact us today! 419-241-1395 or 1-800-637-8170.

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