Fremont Wrongful Death Truck Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, fatalities from truck collisions are commonly seen throughout the country. Trucking wrongful death cases could be caused by excessive speed, left turns, drunk drivers, and truck drivers falling asleep. No matter the reason, if you have lost a loved one following a truck crash, a Fremont wrongful death truck accident lawyer may be able to help. A compassionate wrongful death attorney could fight tirelessly to pursue a claim against those responsible for your loss.

Parties Involved in Truck Accident Wrongful Death Cases

Following a fatal truck accident, the estate of the individual who passed away could pursue a wrongful death claim as the plaintiff. Depending on the specific facts of the case, the driver of the truck and the trucking company would be put on trial as the defendant most of the time. In certain cases, claims could also be brought against the leasing company. After reviewing the facts of the wreck, a seasoned Fremont wrongful death truck accident lawyer could determine who the liability party would be.

Wrongful deaths involving truckers are handled differently than other wrongful death cases because of the corporate association of most trucks on the road. Over the road trucks that are driven in interstate commerce are held to both federal safety laws and the local rules of driving. While the federal laws could become involved in a trucking case, there are numerous other causes of action that may arise in a trucking case.

The Role of an Insurance Company in Truck Fatality Cases

In a wrongful death trucking accident case, individuals typically have a minimum of $750,000 of insurance coverage. Fortunately, the person could consult an experienced Fremont wrongful death truck accident attorney and may see greater involvement from the insurance company in the trucking accident case since more money is at risk. The insurance coverage could potentially increase to millions of dollars. The large sum of money involved and the potential exposure to the insurance company and the trucking company might make the case more complicated. In cases with private truckers, the Ohio law is a minimum of $25,000 of insurance coverage. Individuals with access to $750,000 to 10 million dollars in coverage could have a seasoned attorney, a more thorough investigation, more witnesses, and a potentially higher likelihood of a lawsuit deemed necessary to be filed.

Call Fremont Wrongful Death Truck Accident Attorney For Help

If you have lost a loved one following a trucking collision, do not hesitate to contact a dedicated Fremont wrongful death truck accident lawyer. While a legal battle may be the last thing on your mind, an experienced attorney could provide you with the legal assistance you need to find closure. By filing a claim, a legal professional could help you recover the damages that you deserve and also hold the negligent party accountable for their liable actions or inactions. When you are ready to talk, contact a compassionate and well-established Fremont wrongful death truck accident lawyer to see how they could help you through this difficult and trying time.

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