Current Cases Hit and Run Car Accident

Lucas County Resident Sues for Injuries in Hit and Run Rear-End Collision

On October 11, 2020, our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling through Toledo, Ohio. Our client’s driver believes that another negligent driver rear-ended the car our client was in, causing the driver to lose control of her vehicle and crash into the concrete…

Injured Motorist Seeks Compensation for Hit and Run Collison

On January 11, 2020 our client was driving in Lucas County, Ohio when he was struck from behind by a negligent motorist who failed to stop at a traffic light. After striking our client’s vehicle, the motorist fled the scene of the accident. The Washington…

Severely Injured Man in Hit and Run Pile Up Sues

One of our clients was stopped on I-75 in Toledo, Ohio when another driver rear-ended him. After the collision, our client pulled over to acquire the other driver’s information. In response to the accident, the other driver fled the site of the collision leaving our…

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