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Settlement – Bicyclist Hit By Car Sustains Bilateral Leg and Ankle Fractures

In July 2020, our 75-year-old client sustained severe injuries when she was hit by a car as she was riding her bicycle. Our client and her husband were 25 miles into their 50-mile bicycle trip when this horrific accident occurred. They had stopped at a posted stop sign and waited for the defendant driver to yield them the right of way. The defendant yielded to our client’s husband but failed to see our client and proceeded into the intersection, striking our client. Our client was taken from the scene by emergency medical services to a nearby hospital for immediate medical attention.

At the hospital, our client was diagnosed with an open tibia and fibula fracture to her right leg, and severe fractures to both of her ankles. She was admitted to the hospital for several days and was required to undergo multiple surgeries to attend to her injuries. Once discharged from the hospital, our client was admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for over two weeks until she was finally able to go home and continue her recovery. Even after discharge, she was unable to bear weight on her legs for a lengthy period of time and required over two months of intense physical therapy.

This horrific accident had a significant impact on our client’s life. Prior to the accident, she was an extremely active woman. She regularly taught Zumba classes at her local YMCA, and she was an avid bicyclist who enjoyed going on long-distance bicycle rides with her husband. Due to the injuries she sustained in the accident, she was unable to take part in these activities for a long period of time.

We were contacted shortly after this horrible accident occurred to assist our client in her recovery. We completely avoided the need for our client to ever set foot into a courtroom as we obtained a substantial settlement for her. The settlement we were able to secure for her will go a long way to compensate her for the pain and suffering she incurred as a result of this accident.

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