Current Cases Bicycle Accident

$ 283,726.60
Settlement – Bicyclist Hit By Car Sustains Bilateral Leg and Ankle Fractures

In July 2020, our 75-year-old client sustained severe injuries when she was hit by a car as she was riding her bicycle. Our client and her husband were 25 miles into their 50-mile bicycle trip when this horrific accident occurred. They had stopped at a…

$ 275,000
Toledo Bicyclist Struck by Motorist, Thrown from Bicycle to Street, Suffers Ankle, Knee, and Back Injuries, Receives $275,000 Settlement

 On a morning in June, 2018 our client woke up to what seemed like a normal day. An avid bicyclist, our client began his morning by cycling to a local park. However, on his return trip, a driver of an automobile, distracted by a cellphone,…

$ 125,000 Thousand
Bicycle Rider Hit By Car Received Policy Limits Settlement

A Lucas County man was riding his bicycle in the early evening hours of September 2021.  As he approached the intersection of Bancroft and Robinwood he witnessed a vehicle begin through the intersection, and another run a stop sign.  The car that ran the stop…

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